Kathy’s second book, Pause Ponder Pray, is now available!

Sometimes all you need is a nugget of wisdom or inspiration to help you improve your awareness of God’s presence in your daily experiences. This book offers a starting point for your daily reflection or prayer time. It’s the perfect solution for those who don’t have a lot of time to sit and read.

For those who wish to journal, or savor and spend time with scripture, each reflection gives you an opportunity to spend some inner quality time. A word, quote, phrase, or topic may resonate and remain with you. Conversations with God may percolate as you encounter situations and people in your daily lives.

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Ordinary Awakenings: How to Discover Valuable Gifts in Life’s Everyday Experiences

“Kathy’s ability to take an everyday, ordinary experience, ponder it, and flesh it out into a revelation of the extraordinary is a gift.”

-Sister Ann Rodgers, C.P.

“Kathy’s personal experience will encourage others to trust their own experience. There is an invitation to take time, to reflect on the places in our lives where God is unexpectedly revealed.”

-Sister Elizabeth Oleksak, S.P.

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  • Antoinette Nelson

    Is there any other place that I might purchase Ordinary Awakenings? I have tried amazon and they are confusing, and incorrectly charging me. I wanted 2 of the books, I can’t seem to remove the incorrect order from there. Please direct me. Thank You.

    March 3, 2014