What is it?

It is a transformational way for Christians to find a path to wholeness by connecting to the stories our bodies already know. It changes the way we respond to our body’s feelings. It helps us to discover how our body is connected within the Body of the Whole Christ, and the living organism that is our Church. 

“The goal is never to replace the mind’s objective analysis but rather to include the body’s felt-sensing along with it. Not neither-or, but, both-and.”

~ Ed McMahon/Peter Campbell Rediscovering the Lost Body Connection

Over 45 years of research shows that the way people treat their own bodies and feelings is a reliable predictor of how they will then treat and interact with those around them.

We all exist as part of a much Larger Whole, A Greater Living Organism.

Your mind may be able to remember the words to a song, your vocal cords may be able to produce the sound necessary to sing it, but your body gives you a feel for the rhythm. Have you ever sung a song in church and tears began to well up in you. It’s not the words and melody you are responding to, but rather the felt sense within you that carries a memory or story within your body.


What is a felt-sense?

“Felt” because you feel it in your body. “Sense,” not like the 5 senses but more like, “She makes good sense,” where sense is a meaning word. Felt-senses flow from physical connections as your body relates and interacts, whether in the present moment or with reference to some past or future event.” RTLBC


Some Important Things you will learn in Focusing.

My body knows things as well as my head.

My body can tell me what it knows.

Through feelings, body sensations called felt-senses I know things I cannot yet put into words.

My body has it’s own language through which it wants to talk with me.
There is a story in my body waiting to be told whenever I notice my felt-senses.

When I learn to care for, hold and listen to my body’s language I can let my story be told.

This special way of owning my body is called “Focusing”.


What will I gain from Spiritual Focusing?

You will be in dialog with your deepest self and gain a Real Presence of God working in and through you.

Negative feelings will be transformed by experiencing God’s grace within.

You will meet God in the unfolding. This unfolding is not measured in time and there is no judgment.

You will begin to recognize your connection to the Larger Body of Christ.

You will reap the benefits of the cumulative effects of silence.

You will recognize the need to give a caring presence to your feelings, and therefore improve the way you give it to others.


How can I participate in Focusing?

You may, once you’ve learned it, do it alone, anyplace, anytime.

You may find a spiritual director or guide who practices and uses Focusing.

You may experience it in a group session.


When would I need Focusing?

Anytime is a good time! This is an opportunity to experience God on the inside in a sacramental way. You will find yourself saying, “this was not me, this has to be God’s grace.” For all of us who experience focusing we recognize a shift within us that is the work of God.

Focusing has been helpful for:
People feeling stuck in their relationships with God and others
Those in crisis and in the midst of a bundle of feelings
Those experiencing loss, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, loss of control, and addiction or attachment issues
Those for who symbols and images in their spiritual life need companioning
People dealing with chronic or short-tern physical issues


Is there an age limit?

Focusing has been known to work with children and adults.


If I were to meet with Kathy for Focusing what can I expect from her?

Open listening. I will listen to what unfolds and how you give meaning to it, without judgment.

I will give unconditional acceptance to your humanity and vulnerability.

I will provide empathetic positive regard to your feelings.

I will provide a safe space for you to allow the unfolding to take place.

I will not provide answers or try to control your journey, I will simply provide a quality of caring presence that will support it.

I will guard your privacy. In focusing you can choose to share your inner most feelings or completely keep them private. The process works either way.