Weekly Reflections

Entrust Your Thoughts To God

“ To trust God in the light is nothing,

but trust him in the dark –

that is faith.”   C.H. Spurgeon

Where has your recent worry got you? How is continued anxiety contributing to the kind of person you wish to be? Why do you think attaching yourself to other things will help bring internal contentment?

We all have moments when our head is filled with thoughts that impact negatively on our spiritual life. Sarah Young in her book, Jesus Calling, reminds us that whatever occupies our mind most, becomes our god.

So what’s the solution for worry, distraction, anxiety, and false attachments? Simply, it is putting our trust in God. When our minds are filled with negative distractions we can redirect our thoughts toward God. Maybe we can visualize Jesus present with us and ask how he would have us redirect our thoughts. Look around at nature and give thanks for the abundance we are blessed with. Invite the Holy Spirit to move our thinking toward a learning experience. We may ask, “What is this feeling of worry trying to teach me about myself?” or, “How can I let go of an attachment that has created a false sense of security?” or, “How can I experience freedom in this moment?”

I recently saw this truth printed on a poster: Leave everything in God’s hands and eventually you’ll see God’s hands in everything.

When we can let go of our need to control outcomes we are trusting God in the dark. When we can accept that our worry or anxiety create useless gods within us, we are trusting God’s light in the darkness. When we can, rather than turning to things as our idols, allow God into that uncomfortable space and rest in his arms, we are trusting God to carry us through the darkness.

Notice when needless worry or attachment has taken over your thoughts. Gently invite God into that space and remind yourself who it is that’s in charge. Whether you feel God’s presence or simply know it, your faith grows every time you redirect your thoughts toward God.

Trusting God is not a one-shot experiment, it’s a moment- by -moment decision we make in order to live holier and healthier lives.

  • Maureen

    I keep reading this over and over. I am in a dark place and it is so much harder to trust. I liked what you said about our faith growing everytime we turn our attention to God. Right now I DO know He is there but I don’t always feel Him. I will keep praying.

    February 4, 2018
  • Chris

    Thank you for this. After morning Mass at our church, we form a circle, arms around shoulders, and we wish each other a Blessed day, ask Our Lady to pray for us, and we finish with “Jesus, I trust in Your Love and Your Mercy.” I find myself repeating the Trust part throughout the day. It takes me out of my challenges and puts my focus where it belongs, on Him.

    February 4, 2018
  • Diane White

    I just found so much peace in this. While trying to prepare our home for a sale and buy a smaller more manageable one…fear anxiety and uncertainty can take over. Just reading this helps me stay in the moment, breathe and get a better sense of trust. You’re the best Kathy.

    February 4, 2018