Weekly Reflections

A Clean Slate

“You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down.” Mary Pickford

How do you deal with new things happening in your life? Do you embrace them or become fearful or overwhelmed by them?

Opportunities to engage with people, or to start a new project, or to begin a new adventure may be calling you out of your old routine.

It’s not always easy to embrace changes, even seemingly good changes, because of our underlying anxiety around our own performance with regards to them. I use my writing as an example. I think of how many times I became frightened by the process. I would be sitting at my desk in my home office writing, and I would just turn my head and look at the books sitting on my shelves, and think, I cannot write like them. (Them, meaning the many spiritual authors of books in my collection) I’d be torn up thinking about the editing and publishing process even before the writing was completed. Self- sabotage seemed a constant companion.

There came a point that I learned, with the help of some wisdom-filled companions, that I needed to welcome the fear as a teacher. Rather than allowing it to consume me, I let it teach me something about my ideas around failure and trust. I learned how to let mistakes simply be part of the process of becoming a better writer, not the best in the world, and not the worst. I needed to simply thank God for the gifts he had given me, and let that be enough. As I learned to trust in God’s plan I was able to let my ego rest. I didn’t need to be anyone I was not, or offer anything except myself. Outcomes were left in God’s hands as well. God’s agenda, turns out, is more productive than my own!

As we open ourselves to new experiences we can ask for God’s help, we are not alone. And it’s amazing how when we do ask for help, God, with skin on, in the form of people who may or may not be familiar to us, begin to surface and accompany us along the journey. They build us up and give us the confidence to keep pursing these new adventures no matter how big or small they are.

Whether you are being called to learn a new skill, to look at an ongoing situation differently, to let your creativity loose, or to change a lifestyle, God is present in it all. Allow yourself to be stretched. Be willing to learn more. Open your mind to new potential within yourself and possibilities beyond your imagination. And when fear seeps in, say, “Hello! You’re familiar to me, what do you want to teach me about myself today?” Then, as you would with a friend, tell fear you have other plans that need your attention as well, and it must be on its way, until you meet again. Continue to pursue the experience God has in store for you.

Everyday we are given a clean slate to work with. Yesterday is behind us and today opens itself up for us. What’s in store for you today? Whatever it is, greet it with joy and a peaceful heart and mind.

  • Liz Soltysiak

    “I needed to simply thank God for the gifts he had given me, and let that be enough. As I learned to trust in God’s plan I was able to let my ego rest.”

    Thank you for those words of wisdom, Kathy! I’m always willing to try something new but need to be forever grateful for what God has given me now!

    God bless you!

    November 12, 2017
  • Steve Thibeau

    Your thoughts coming at the right time for me as I pursue this program. Thank you for the insight!

    November 12, 2017